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Good mental health is a condition when our psychology is in a state that allows us to enjoy everyday life and respect other people around us.  A person who has a mental health can use his abilities or potential to the maximum in facing life's challenges, and establish positive relationships with others. understanding of mental health according to the laws of the Philippines and Indonesia, the Philippines have a National Mental Health Policy (Administrative Order #8 s.2001) and Last May 2017, the Senate of the Philippines passed the Senate Bill 1354 or the Philippine Mental Health Act of 2017 that seeks to integrate mental health services and programs in the public health system. in Indonesia has the Mental Health Act Number 18 of 2014.


Prevention, as a community of caring people can be a potential force to curb problems caused by mental health problems. The saying - prevention is better than healing which is valid all the time. Prevention must be gentle, precise, direct, compassionate, effective, and significant. Prevention may require regular medical or psychological attention or counseling depending on the severity or level of need. 


Treatment, support for people with mental disorders will be assessed clinically in promoting the well-being of the person, clinical assessment must focus on four dimensions; 1) Deficiency and undermining the characteristics of the person, 2) The strength and assets of the person; 3) Deficiencies and destructive factors in the environment; 4) Resources and opportunities in the environment. Treatment can be in the form and approach below: Pharmacotherapy, physical activity both indoor and outdoor, expressive therapy; Psychotherapy, Meditation or mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, Counseling, Rehabilitation.

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