Vol 1 (2018): International Conference of Mental Health Counseling

World Health Organization (WHO) research in 2001, estimates that 154 million people around the world have depression, 25 million suffer from Schizophrenia, 15 million people influence of drugs, 50 million people suffer from Epilepsy and around 887,000 people die from suicide every year (Aide Medical International, 2008). Furthermore, the amount is expected to increase from year to year due to the increasingly complex problems faced by humans.

However, In Indonesia, the results of Basic Health Research in 2007 conducted by the Department of Research and Development of the Ministry of Health stated that the prevalence of severe mental disorders in Indonesia reached 0.46, in other words, out of 1000 Indonesian people four to five of them suffered mental disorders. The highest prevalence of mental disorders is in the province of Jakarta, namely 20.3. Besides the problem of mental disorders, the results of the study identified the prevalence of mental emotional problems, which amount to 11.6%. The data above shows us how importance of understanding about Mental Health.

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