Siti Khoiriyah, Dian Ani Pitaloka


Many learning media offered make it easier for students to learn mathematics, from ancient media to modern media. One of the learning media that is in demand by students is computer-based learning media, because learning media that use computers can increase students' interest and motivation, especially learning mathematics which is considered boring and has a high level of difficulty. Therefore, in this study try to see whether the use of computer-based learning media through the geogebra program has a positive influence on the learning outcomes of class VIII students of SMP N 1 Bangunrejo. The research method used is Quasy Experiment. The population in this study were all eighth grade students of SMP N 1 Bangunrejo. The study sample was students of class VIII A as the experimental class and students of class VIII B as the control class. The instrument used in this study is a description test question consisting of 5 items. Data analysis used is t-test with data requirements tested for normality and homogeneity. The results showed that the use of geogebra-based learning media had a positive influence on learning outcomes. This is shown from the results of the two-party t test, namely t_count = 2.430> t_table = 2,000, which means that there are differences in the average learning outcomes or those applied by geogebra with conventional. After further testing, the one-party t test shows that t count = 2.430> t table = 1.671, which means that the average learning outcomes using geogebra-based media are better than conventional learning.


Geogebra, Learning outcomes

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